In the cries out of new betting sites in Sweden and a good way for gaming companies to bring in new players is to put out a bit extra with a better betting bonus. We have collected all betting sites in Sweden that offer a witty betting bonus 2018. Our top list of all betting bonuses contains only serious betting pages that provide real bonuses to Swedish players. Many of our bonuses in the list are unique to our visitors.

All about betting bonuses 2018

Today there are a host of gaming companies that are looking forward to the Swedish market, offering Swedish players a wide range of games. Every month, there are also launched one or more new gaming sites online, which they also want to enter the Swedish market. To attract players from existing gaming sites, you need to offer new players a reward in the form of a welcome bonus for players to register and start playing at the new gaming company. The already established gaming sites, in turn, make every effort to keep their players and therefore offer their recurring and loyal players generous odds bonuses so that they can stay and play at the gaming company. Being able to offer their players an odds bonus has become an important weapon in the game of players in the Swedish market.

How does a new player bonus work?

An odds bonus is something new but also recurring players get by the gaming companies to play some extra and thus get more out of their gambling. You can also win when you bet for their betting bonus, but in order to be able to take out those winnings you first need to meet the terms and conditions, which are called turnover requirements. Normally you get an odds bonus when you register as a new player at the gaming company. This odds bonus usually amounts to 100 percent up to between 500 and 3,000 kronor depending on the game page you register. This kind of odds bonus is called a welcome bonus and gives new players a substantial addition to the game box so they can try the game page properly.

Tips for choosing the right odds bonus

There are a few things to watch when selecting an odds bonus from a gaming company in our list. Here are some tips on what to look for when looking for a bonus:

  • The turnover requirement is the most important point and you should look for a betting bonus with as low a turnover as possible.
  • The minimum odds requirement is also good to look for so you can bet on low odds when playing.
  • Check if you are required to play at least two matches at the same time or if it is enough to play on a single match.
  • You should always choose an odds bonus from  ULTIMATEONLINECASINOS.COM when we remove gaming companies that are unscrupulous.

Bonus for those who already have an account

For recurring players, there are usually different forms of betting bonus such as deposit bonus, giving players an additional supplement, usually 50 percent of the amount deposited. This odds bonus is usually recurring and awarded one or more days a week. A gaming company that often offers this is Nordicbet. Another type of betting bonus is free games that the gaming companies can hand out on different campaigns, for example in conjunction with different championships, or if you play certain matches. It is also common for you to get a cashback bonus at many gaming companies, such as the new game company Coolbet. There are different cashback bonuses where a form of cashback bonus means getting back all their bet if you lose a game that you have added. Another type of cashback bonus is that you get back some of the losses you’ve had during a day or a week. Then you usually get 10 percent of the losses.

Sales Requirements and Terms

When you receive a betting bonus, either in the form of a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free bet or cashback, these bonuses are subject to certain conditions. These conditions must be met in order to be able to win the winnings that have been won when playing for their bonus money. For all forms of bonuses is a turnover requirement to be met.

It usually will be between 3 and 15 times the amount you received in the bonus or the amount you received in bonus plus the amount you deposited, depending on which gaming company you are playing. There are also conditions for how to play because the efforts that are made must be counted against the turnover requirement. A common rule is that you have to add games to a minimum odds of 1.50 up to 2.00, depending on the gaming company. Another rule may be that you can not use the full bonus for a game without the bonus being distributed over at least two or more games.

It is important that you get to know the terms and conditions for the various odds bonuses that you can get from the gaming companies, so you will not be disappointed afterwards because you are unable to meet the terms of winning.

Example: How does a turnover requirement work?

Here’s an example of how a sports bonus works and how to turn it on. Let’s say you sign up for a casino site,  which gives you 400% up to $ 500 to play for when you deposit $ 100. They have the requirement that you have to play on matches with at least 2.0 in odds and you will “convert” deposit + bonus 8 times.

How to calculate: 500 kr (deposit + bonus) x 8 (turnover requirement) = 4000 kr. You must therefore earn a total of $ 4,000 at a odds of at least 2.0 before you can pick out the money left. You do not have to do this on a single match but can of course divide it into several different. If you are lucky you have won even more when you are done!